Aztec Safari Animals
Pez Cats
Jeweled Cats
Blue Tiger
8 Tigers in the Snow SOLD
Angry Wolves
Silly Cats
Letters and Cats
Mad Max Safari Cats
Howling Wolves
Candy Cane Cats
Lemon Lime Lion/Tiger
Pastel Tiger/Lion
Lion and 4 Pumas SOLD
Signs and Cats (Blue)
Abstract Wild Cats 1
Signs and Cats (Green)
Abstract Wild Cats 2
Abstract Lion/Tiger
Angry Wolf
Twin Leopards
Papa Leopard
Elephants  SOLD
Lion with Ink Splat Eyes
Tiger with Ink Splat Eyes
Christmas Tigers  SOLD
Pink Bear with Ink Splat Eyes
Regal Safari Cats
Abstract Cat Family
Bemused Lion
Bemused Tiger
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Lion  SOLD
2/10 Lion/Tiger
Animal Kingdom
Electrified Cats  SOLD
8 Tiger Faces
Twin Tigers and Lions
Pez Lions Family of Six
Wakanda Forever
Dancing Cats SOLD
Moonlight Kingdom SOLD
Man and Wild Cats   SOLD
Eyes of Wild Cats  DONATION
Twin Lions SOLD
Giraffe, Dog and Safari Animals
Neon Cats
The Lion King
Lion/Tiger  SOLD
Companion Tigers  SOLD
Lion King and Friends
Safari Animals
The Jungle Book
Psychedelic Lion
LION face
Double-Eyed Lion  SOLD
Birds of Paradise   SOLD
African Safari
The Lion's Den  SOLD
3 Tiger Cubs On A Log SOLD
Roar! The Great Cats
20 Cats SOLD
Cheetah Family
Abstract Parrots
Pandas  SOLD
African Safari
Dancing Wolves  SOLD
Lone Wolf