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About Dominic Killiany


Dominic is an 25 year old young man who lives in Watertown, MA.  

He is a graduate of Nashoba Learning Group (2016) and Boston Higashi (2020), private schools for children and young adults with autism.  

Dominic's art is his visual poetry and connection to the world. He is self taught and continues to be self-directed. His thoughts, emotions and expression are represented through a

symbolic language of theme, color, texture, composition and material.

Through the dynamic interplay of universal elements of light and dark, geometric shapes, letters and numbers, he transforms his observations and solitude

into a fluid language of abstract expressionism.

His paintings of safari animals represent the tribal, collective circle that connects us all as one family. He wants them to engage you, invite you to witness our collective interconnection, inspire you to experience the exotic in ourselves and others and evoke primal emotion.

His family's profound love, unwavering support and commitment to his happiness,

well-being and self- sufficiency, continue to make it possible for him to develop

a language through art, to share who he is with you.

His art is earning him recognition as well as an opportunity for confidence building and social engagement.


2017: First solo exhibit at the Landau Gallery, Belmont, MA.


2018: Open Door Gallery at the Worcester Art Museum which continued on to Boston.

He has been published in Studio Visit Magazine, (Vol. 40, 2017) and in the Spring/Summer (Vols. 45 & 46, 2019).


2019: Contributing artist on


2020: 10 of his paintings in variable dimensions of "digifuse" panels were chosen for permanent exhibit at the Louis DePasquale Universal Design Playground at

Danehy Park in Cambridge, MA.

2021: Dominic was awarded FINALIST in VSA Emerging Young Artists Competition at The Kennedy Center, Washington DC for his painting "Purple Lights of the City" .

2022: Lab Central/MIT, Cambridge, MA from November 2022 to February 2023.

2023: Cambridge Arts Council Gallery from May through December.



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