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'WHAT I SEE' June 6 - July 30th, Worcester Art Museum/Open Door Gallery

Come one, come all! Revel in the amazing artwork by Dominic Killiany, a 20 year old young adult living with Autism.

In partnership with VSAMASS and SEVEN HILLS FOUNDATION, 30 acrylic paintings are hanging in the newly renovated Open Door Gallery housed within the Worcester Art Museum.

Artist Reception is Tuesday, June 19th from 11-2.

This is a ribbon cutting ceremony featuring Museum Directors, Programs Directors of VSAMASS and SEVEN HILLS, Educators, Medical and Legal Professionals for Special Needs, Artists and Press. This event is open to the public. We are so grateful for this opportunity to be surrounded by dedicated professionals to the community of Adults with (dis)Abilities to empower their lives through art and other unique programs for lifetime fulfillment.

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